Still Standing

Being 33 in a courtroom full of strangers trying to justify why I get to choose by whom, how, and when I am touched and my right to fight to the death to keep me safe just gutted me.

Today  was 1993 all over again being fourteen in a cold room full of nurses, doctors and extras trying to justify why I didn’t fight “hard enough”, tell sooner, grab something as a weapon. When I was 14 violated and pregnant by a rapist I had to defend why I didnt fight hard enough. At 33 I protect myself, Icey and China.We walk away unharmed and my attacker gets carried away in an ambulance. Now our broken court system wants to say I fought “too hard.”

Our schizophrenic court system needs a serious overhaul. Thank you to everyone who has stood with the children and I through this ordeal. I have a lot of work to get done so I cant really stop to process all that has happened yet. I just ask that you continue to stand with us, send love, light, and if you are able to help tear down the mountain of legal expenses you can still contribute to paypal

Ever Forward,



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