Who Am I

Confidence Omenai is an author, spoken word artist, single mother, and activist. She began writing poetry at the age of nine, and says, “A day doesn’t go by when she isn’t writing.” She is CEO of Only Confidence Inc. and the founder of The Black Wall Street Art Institute. She has traveled the country as a performance poet since 2005. Her sophomore spoken word album Fearless is soon to be released.

Confidence advocates women’s empowerment, strengthening the African American community, and putting an end to the rampant sexual exploitation of women and children world wide. She teaches a workshop called Live Fearless to teach others how to walk out of the shame, pain, and fear that haunt many survivors of abuse.

Confidence is currently touring, teaching, and maximizing every open door and opportunity in her path. Her tell all, take no prisoners attitude has garnered the respect and admiration of many. She possesses many talents, but was created to speak light and life into every dark place. Show her a prisoner and she’ll find a way to set them free. Confidence challenges us all to face pure uncompromised truth head on, every day, unashamed, and unafraid.

From the Author:

I created this blog to chronicle the many challenges, successes, rewards and regrets that I have been blessed to experience.  I am the come back kid, because life knocked me down enough times to teach me how to bounce right back. I invite you to laugh, cry, rant and rejoice with me as I write for my life and fight for my family’s future.

Only Confidence


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